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About OCERA Coalition

Our Origin Story is Why We're Doing This

We knew we had something special when we realized how many different people and organizations had the same thing in mind.  The OCERA coalition spans urban & rural Oregonians, faith based communities, and Oregon climate and political organizations.  We decided to merge separate amendment efforts to one state-wide coalition (January 2024) to work together for creating a constitutional amendment for the Right to a Healthy Environment.  We introduced the idea for an Environmental Rights Amendment at University of Oregon's Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (March 2024), providing a panel discussion on this initiative, which received a standing-room-only level of interest and support.  As cases such as Held v. Montana have demonstrated, there is power in a fundamental, enforceable right to a healthy (or "clean and healthful") environment right in the state constitution's bill of rights. 


Today, OCERA consists of a small strategy team and a growing list of coalition members.  We come from different walks of life, different party affiliations, and different beliefs, but we are united in the vision and intent of ensuring responsible governance of Oregon's natural resources.  While the amendment would not replace the State's robust body of laws, regulations, and great work already in place and continuing to develop, it will serve as a safety net (with teeth) and an important guidelight to inform all official policies and actions.


Our path to an Oregon constitutional amendment looks like:

  • 2024, we build out the coalition and raise awareness and funds and begin lobbying legislators and legislative candidates.  We may also begin the process of a citizen-initiated ballot measure.

  • 2025, we focus on lobbying legislators for a legislative-referred ballot measure.  If it works, we pivot toward the "yes" campaign (for 2026 elections).  If not, we work to finish out the petition drive through our statewide coalition of inspired volunteers, businesses, and supporting organizations.

  • 2026, we get the job done and get ready for elections!  When it passes, we celebrate and rest in the assurance that we accomplished a monumental feat, together, for all Oregonians and future generations.

It will take all of us coming together to create this fundamental right to a healthy environment.  If you want to be involved, click on the Join Us button below!

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