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Restore the Power of the People
to Conserve What's Important.

OCERA is an emerging grassroots effort dedicated to amending the Oregon Constitution with a fundamental, enforceable right to a healthy environment. 

When it comes to protecting basic needs like clean air, clean water, and connected life support systems, we need this power written in the constitution. This amendment will ensure the State of Oregon makes its decisions based on the public interest, with the best available science.

Why Do We Need This?

You might think that our natural and constitutional rights to life and liberty include life support systems; that a right to a clean and healthy environment is an implied right.  Unfortunately, case law has made it clear that if it's not expressly stated, there's no guarantee it will be recognized.

So, to make our expectations abundantly clear, for future generations, we need to have certain language in the Oregon Constitution to effectively enforce our right to a healthy environment.

How You Can Help

For Individuals

We welcome individuals who want to be involved!  After registering (to receive OCERA updates), take a moment to consider how you'd like to help the OCERA mission.

  • Receive occasional email updates and invitations to meetings and opportunities to help advance the cause.  The OCERA coalition meets monthly on 3rd Tuesdays of each month at 12pm.  

  • You can help build the coalition, help call up legislators, and/or help collect signatures for the 2026 ballot!  Stay tuned for the timeline of events and organized efforts!

Finally, if you are a stakeholder (individual or organizational) in how this amendment will work, especially if you're a member of a frontline community -- most vulnerable to the effects of pollution and / or climate change, we'd like to hear from you.

Please take a moment and provide your input on how the amendment should work, so we can be sure we're considering all interests and perspectives relevant to this effort.  Thank you in advance for your help!

For Organizations
(nonprofits, groups, businesses)

There are many ways you can learn more and support the mission of amending the Oregon Constitution with a fundamental right to a healthy environment.

  • Request an informational OCERA presentation.

  • Become a coalition member and endorse the effort.

  • Share routine coalition communications with your members, followers, or patrons.

  • Consider providing more tangible help to OCERA operations in the form of in-kind / monetary donations or organizational leadership (hosting events, fundraisers, etc.).

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